Art and Artists residencies on the water

Please note the list is neither exhaustive nor bound by the title.. Art and Artists are used because if it was “reflective thinking and imagining practices”, my guess is that readers will go: WTF?!?! – a boat studio oriented artists residencies. – a ship as a contemporary art space in berlin. – a light ship transformed into an arts space in gravesend, uk. – an offgrid floating space for artists residencies in vancoover. – art, sea with ecology oriented artists residency. – an artists residency focused on human life in Jersey island. – a residency for artists, scientists, educators and innovators on board a Tall Ship sailing around the international territory of svalbard. – spoken word oriented Artists residencies on boats. – residencies and other opprtunities to create with the condition of oceanic climate change, and changing lives. – an on-shore structure inspired by old ship building techniques – an arts residency. – artists and scientists research in the ocean together. – art residencies on board an historic ship. – work, reflect and live with other artists on board a boat at sea. – An artists residency on ocean roaming shipping vessells. An oceanographic research oriented art residency. – art between an forest and an ocean. – an artists residency focusing on exploring coast lines in the region of scotland via a 50ft catamaran. – an art residency onboard a container ship.