boat frustrations

I suspect “boat frustrations” could become a bit of a feature here..

Let’s begin from an arbitrary start. I got this particular boat for a few reasons, one was that it seemed to require much less work than other options.
It’s hard to tell how the other options would have turned out.. However, some things seem like a constant needy creature – mainly the engine.
Without getting into details, it already broke twice. It’s a new engine. Got a full service a year ago to boot.

When an ongoing theme here with Dufourmantelle, is to offer a certain safety for people, something that the Banksy project failed at, unfortunately engine is a rather needed requirement.

My suspicion is that if I sold this one and installed an electric engine – probably a lot of difficulties will be gone. However, that’s a fairly expensive project – changing engines – and i don’t even have a clue if people are interested in this project to continue..

ie.. people other than me..