human rights in chinese with Xi’s human rights book

As an aside to the post about navigation language. A post riddled with personal feeling based speculations.
Perhaps have a look at the following video about how china’s current president Xi attempts to take the language of human rights and make it both his own version of china* and universal. A universality that comes from a wish others will look at china’s rulers activities – and copy them.

How does it feel to be confronted with a culture that takes a phrase “human rights” – and claim it’s usage should be both universal and in fact the opposite of what you might mean by “human rights”.
Yes. Local politicians in the UK, europe and the usa do tend to have various authoritarian versions of “human rights”. however, i think it’s very different when the process comes from one culture who claims to be more “advanced” than another.
A portside as the left side of a boat is a different kind of a left-side when it’s from a claim of betterment.

* note that china, like the uk, russia or usa – is not who ever happens to rule the place. hence china rather than chinese..