Miscellaneously related activities

www.digitalviolence.org/#/ – violating human rights by nation states? a documenting project.


thecomfreyproject.org.uk/about-us/ – offering a safe cultural setting for people who fled persecution and found a refuge in england’s north-east.
(the project did a show at the baltic art centre – baltic.art/making-connections )

Empowerment and connection: ARTconnects cultivate the creative talents of refugee women

www.unhcr.org/innovation/7-art-initiatives-that-are-transforming-the-lives-of-refugees/ – a few projects by artists working with migrants and refugees in various contexts.

artuk.org/discover/stories/artist-refugees-and-british-art – a few visual art oriented artists who found refuge in the uk

www.tate.org.uk/art/migration-art – tate modern’s canonical approach to artists refugees as well as a few representations of refuge oriented migration in an established visual art.

Coffee entrepreneur delivers online art exhibition to aid refugees